June 15, 2010

Shooting Down Some Myths

I strongly support gun control regulation.  Arguments that guns don't kill people (people kill people) ring hollow to me.  Countries like Japan, England, Switzerland et al., where not even the police carry firearms, have much lower homicide rates.  The United States is a violent country and guns play a big role in raising the danger level for everyone. 

I was especially dismayed last year when Obama attended a town hall meeting in New Hampshire and some idiot stood outside, fully armed; his idea of a political statement.  Political protest shrouded in a selfish, irresponsible, violent fetish, which is what gun ownership is really all about. 

I couldn't believe that I had friends who came to the defense of the gun-toting yahoo.  Why would anybody devote their energies to making sure more guns stay out on the street and in people's homes, free of those nasty laws and silly concerns over its impact on society?

I'm sure there are many responsible gun owners out there.  There are also very ethical investment bankers too.  No seriously, there are...somewhere...it doesn't mean we let the damage guns do go unregulated. 

I wonder if Charlton Heston really was holding a gun in his hands when he died?

On Sunday the Washington Post ran a great column debunking some myths about gun regulation.  It's worth digesting for the next time you hear someone defend their Second Amendment rights.


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