May 21, 2010

Specter of Influence

For years now I have held a special contempt for Senator Arlen Specter, despite his support for Israel.  I felt that here was a guy who was smart enough to know what was right and wrong, yet he always set the bar lower.  At least the average Republican would stake out a position, deplorable though it may be, and stick to it.  Specter insisted on straddling the fence, giving hints that he was grappling deeply with the issue at hand and could very well break ranks as a matter of principle.  And yet, always the same party line when it came time to vote.  His switch to Democrat, further pandering, based only on a desire to get invited to the Obama-jama party.  The man just couldn't help himself.  He wanted everyone to like him, or at least 51% in every demographic.

Linda Greenhouse posted something today on NY Times online that would be funny if it weren't so sad.

Specter's recent loss in the Pennsylvania Democratic primary is just desserts.  I'm sure he'll spend his Sundays wearing an Eagles jersey and a Steelers helmet.

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