April 27, 2007


Here's something from Karina:

Did you know that Hillary tried to join the Marines in the 70's?

Also, if one more commentator mentions the word "shrill" in the same sentence as "Hillary" I'm going to be sick - men are never tagged with this word.

Thanks for sending Karina. I mostly agree. "Shrill" is defined as a piercing, high-pitched sound. Since women generally have higher-pitched voices than men, it is not totally sexist that the term would be more often ascribed to women. What is sexist is tagging the husky-voiced junior Senator from the Empire State with that description. I wouldn't call Hillary's voice high-itched and piercing, would you? Midwestern, flat and grating, but not shrill.

There's no question the word shrill has become code for "uppity woman complaining about something while wearing tasteful and very expensive business wear." It marginalizes the message. Strangely, Republican women have avoided the shrill factor - Condi, Harriet Miers, Mamie Eisenhower. All are respected not only for what they say, but for the tone with which they say it.

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